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20 January 2012 @ 12:17 pm
[sticky post] hi :)  
making this my top post, but the latest posts are below this one :) do read this because you'll understand my LJ more :)

hi ya'll!

just in case you don't know, my icon is Kristen Stewart so you pretty much know who's my favorite :P

i used to be a fan of her ex, Rob, but yeah...things changed.

i do follow her but less than before...i am more involve to other fandoms these days. i used to creep on their private lives as well

i am more into my korean people now, BIGBANG as my favorite group #YGbaby

you might notice that my past posts are not Kristen or R/K or kpop related because

i was an obsessed japanese fan before.. yamapi fan.

i'm still a fan but my obsession now is kristen, YG groups (korean stuff + random other asian things LOL) and kathniel.
you probably notice a few bigbang and kathniel posts. :)

aside from YG groups, i like other kpop groups as well and do watch tons of dramas from korea, japan and taiwan (i won't post drama-related stuff though) -----updated: july 2015

some video for you :) this is from the RECENT chanel F/W Haute Couture Fashion show in Paris July 2015. Kristen opened the show and then theres GD's red hair XD YOU CAN WATCH THE WHOLE THING OR JUST UNTIL @ 1:55.. XD
Current Mood: pleasedpleased