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21 February 2015 @ 02:05 pm

Actually what's even more exciting is that i got hired by two companies so now i have to choose

well, actually it's for an internship pero may bayad!!

Obviously kelangan ko ng trabaho kasi matatapos na ko mag aral so yeah lol
But alam mo yun, you went through the same process as like getting a real job and on top of that sa summer pa oh bongga!

Pero, like all the other worries meron parin akong worry..
Kasi first and for most, wala akong experience and wala akong enough knowledge tbh

And tbh idk why they hired lol

Pero i know that i need this, another step in my life. i need to commit and own up but you know...

sana lang kayanin ko..

i said to myself that when i get hired im gonna watch a drama and that's what im doing currently...
so now im gonna finish watching "She's so Lovable" the drama is okay not the very best so i find it boring and since i got hiredn 2x
may chance pa ako na maanood ng isa pa, imma choose something with good reviews this time lol

People may find it weird that this is a gift to myself pero usually kasi i don't watch dramas in the midst of a semester... XD